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Our Denominational Partners

Since our founding, Community of Reconciliation Church has been committed to building bridges in the name of Christ.  While we began as a joint effort by local Presbyterian churches, in the early 1980s COR reached out to other Protestant denominations to build new relationships.  Then and now, we believe that what we have in common -- our desire to grow in faith and share the gifts God has given each of us -- is bigger than any denominational differences. 


Today, COR is a congregation in good standing with four Protestant denominations:











COR members are able to participate in the life and work of each of these denominations, can serve as leaders on their local and national levels, and work for peace and justice through missions projects and denominational advocacy.   We provide financial support for the ministry of each of these denominations, and have been enriched by their support through grants and other resources.


Within each of our partner denominations, we are also support groups working for the full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in life and ministry of the church:



United Methodist Church

Disciples of Christ

Presbyterian Church (USA)

United Church of Christ

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